Terms & Conditions

Your use of Shgardi app Application means that you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions outlined in this page, which are considered to be an official “contract” between the Shgardi app and the users of the application, clients and agents.

Shgardi app is a platform that connects service providers "agents", who do delivery and purchase services from stores on behalf of clients, to the client on the other hand.

Your use of the application means your implied acceptance of all the terms and conditions of Shgardi app. If you disagree with any part of these terms, you may not use the application.

Shgardi app shall reserve the right to update or replace the terms and conditions of the application without prior notice. Therefore, the user of the application should periodically review these terms and conditions to be aware of any changes. The SHGARDI team does not have to notify users of any change in terms and conditions for using the application. We also hope that users of the application will review the Privacy policy page to know more about how Shgardi app uses the information presented by users of the application.


By using the Shgardi app you hereby acknowledge and guarantee the following:

  • You have a valid personal identity if you are a citizen or a valid residence if you are a resident of Saudi Arabia.
  • You shall comply with all applicable laws in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • All personal information provided by you to the Shgardi app is correct and accurate.
  • You shall regularly update the personal information provided by you to the Shgardi app in case of any change.
  • You shall comply with all notices and alerts sent to you by Shgardi app.
  • You shall not use any information obtained from SHGARDI for any purpose outside the scope of the services or products of the Shgardi app.
  • Your use of Shgardi app shall only be within the scope of the services and products in the application.
  • You shall not misuse the application for the purposes of theft, harming others or stealing their personal information.
  • You shall not take any action that may offend the administration of the Shgardi app or its business.
  • You shall not take any action that competes with the application of SHGARDI, or not to use the application information for the purpose of establishing a competing business.
  • You shall not copy or distribute the contents of the application without obtaining the express written consent of the administration of the Shgardi app.
  • You shall keep your password or any other confidential data we provide to you in a complete and confidential manner.
  • You shall provide all the information that indicates the identity of your real personality.
  • You shall afford mobile messages that you receive from the Shgardi app if there is a fee.
  • You shall not do anything that attempts to decompile or executes reverse engineering the design of Shgardi app, or otherwise to identify or attempt to identify or attempt to access the source code or the internal design of the services, or to take advantage of any text or image found in the application.

Prevent the application from being used

The Shgardi app administration has the right to prevent any client or agent from using the application, for any or no reason. The user does not have the right to object to or file a complaint against Shgardi app if the application has blocked the services from the user.

The scope of work of the Shgardi app

The user of the Shgardi app is entitled to use the application only within the scope of providing delivery and dispatching services provided within the Shgardi app. The user, whether a customer or a service provider “agent”, is not entitled to use the application for other purposes.

Prohibited Items for delivery

Users of Shgardi app, clients and agents, are prohibited from delivering or receiving any of the following categories:

Material Examples of prohibited materials
Pornographic materials It is prohibited to deliver or purchase any of the pornographic items that are offensive to public decency.
gambling games Sports betting, membership of gambling sites on the internet, lottery tickets, etc.
Narcotics or unlicensed medication Narcotics, illegal medicines, prohibited materials and preparation equipment, including herbal pills and materials that promote the use of such products; or legal materials such as plants and herbs in a way that requires their digestion or inhalation or extraction of any illegal materials that produce the same effect as drugs or illegal materials or that claim to achieve health benefits without evidence or medical confirmation..
counterfeit goods Counterfeit goods or designs, fake signatures, coins, stamps and other goods that may be illegal or require a license to trade them.
Alcohol Spirits, wine, champagne, and other alcoholic or intoxicating drinks that affect the mind in whole or in part.
Human organs Human organs or any part of the body, fluid, stem cells and embryos.
Devices used to breach technical protection Any chips or other devices used to pass the protection of the digital devices including the devices that break the code of the iPhones, Samsung or other.
Harmful animals and plants Harmful parts of animals, their blood and various fluids, weeds, prohibited seeds, and plants, or any other organic materials that are in risk of extinction which should not be traded.
Copyrighted materials Copyright-protected copies of books, music, films, applications, software, video games, and other licensed and protected materials.
Electronic piracy materials Tools or software that allow illegal access to applications, programs, servers, websites, or any other protected properties.
Contraband and stolen goods Contraband goods, goods that violate import and export regulations, and stolen goods of various kinds.
Illegal Goods Illegal materials and products, or that promote illegal materials or enable the execution of illegal actions; goods that you do not own or do not have the right to sell; goods produced by violating the property rights of other parties; vehicles subject to transport restrictions; goods registered in public records (such as real estates) whose transferal requires official procedures that cannot be accomplished on the internet.
Unauthorized medications Medications and treatments not medically proven or not licensed by the Health and Drug Authority.
Illegal communication devices The devices used to receive the signals of satellites or cables for free and the devices used to break the code of cable broadcasting, encryption cards and devices used to program encryption cards, illegal equipment, and products that are used to modify cell phones and other equipment that are considered illegal in accordance with the regulations of the country.
Criminal items Criminal materials "scenes and photos" such as personal belongings associated with crimes or criminal actions.
Precious materials Precious stones or precious metals.
Weapons Weapons, ammunition, and any other dangerous materials, including but not limited to: knives, silencers, ammunition cabinets, tear gas, weapons that take the form of pieces of art.
Indecent materials

All materials that are moral, customary and rightfully indecent and legally prohibited, including but not limited to:

  • Materials that incite violent actions.
  • Materials that are in contravention of prevailing moral regulations.
  • Materials promoting violence, hatred, intolerance, and racism.
  • Materials that lead to defamation or libel.
Currency trading Trading in discounted currency or the currencies supported by precious metals.
Fireworks Various kinds of fireworks and goods that are considered flammable, radioactive, and explosive materials.
materials subject to particular Batteries containing mercury; Freon and similar refrigeration materials; chemical and synthetic solvents; vehicle license plates; devices to open
Restrictions locks; medical devices; insecticides; fitness equipment and electrical catalysts; inspection and monitoring devices prepared for illegal eavesdropping and spying on others.
Devices prohibited by Traffic authorities Devices prohibited by traffic laws including but not limited to: the covers of car plates, devices that change traffic lights, devices that cause radar confusion.
Cultural property whose circulation is prohibited Materials included in the UNESCO Convention of 1970 on the Means of Prohibiting and Preventing the Illicit Import, Export and Transfer of Ownership of Cultural Property, or those forbidden to sell, export or transfer their ownership
Protected handmade items handmade items; cave configurations, materials related to tombs which are protected by the federal laws such as the law of protection of the cave resources for the year 1988 and the law of the protection of the American tombs and other, etc.
The transportation of children Shgardi app has the right to refuse to provide its service for all children under 18 years old.
Heavy and large material The client does not have the right to order the delivery of heavyweight items (more than 50 kg) or large items that may not be taken inside the car, and the agent is not entitled to provide this service to customers.
Precious and luxurious items It is prohibited to transport or deliver any expensive items.

Receipt and delivery process is customer’s and courier’s responsibility:

  • The customer has to check the components of the order and match them with the issued invoice.
  • In Case the payment type of the order was cash, the courier has to take the total of the order and delivery fees before leaving the customer’s location.
  • In Case the payment type of the order was online or wallet, the courier has to make sure that he received a notification notifying him that the order has been paid.

The application disclaims its responsibility in case the Courier/Customer adheres to the above.

The courier must to comply with the order’s list Listed by the Customer in the application, and in case any of the products is unavailable or the market is closed the courier has to keep the customer notified and updated.

The only communication way is through the application’s chat to ensure the right of both the Courier and the client.

The courier has to change his status regularly, keep in mind the following:

  • Once the order is assigned to the courier, he has to confirm it with the customer through the order’s chat.
  • Update your status to picking up once you have arrived to the market and checked that the market is open and the product is available.
  • Attach the invoice as soon as it is issued, and enter only the order’s price as it’s clarified in the invoice keeping in mind that the application is the responsible for calculating the delivery fees.
  • Update your status to delivering once you picked the order and on your way to the customer.
  • The courier has to complete the order after making sure that the customer received his order and the courier received his money.
  • The courier has to be always keep in touch with the customer using the order’s chat to keep the customer updated with any issues (lateness because of crowd, market is closed because of prayer, lateness because of repairs/constructions on the road, Lateness or canceling because of courier’s car crashing, the unavailability of any of the order’s products).

The courier hasn’t the right to ask the customer to transfer any money out of the app before delivering the order.

The courier has to be restricted to the delivery fees calculated by the app and hasn’t the right to ask customer for any additional fees.

The customer has to pay the order and delivery fees and he has the right to not picking the order only in these cases:

  • If the order is not invalid or corrupted.
  • In case the courier is being late for more than 90 minutes without updating or notifying him with the lateness reason.

The customer has got full freedom to fill or not to fill “is the Shgardi needs more? How much to give” textbox with the amount he think it’s satisfying as a tip.

The customer has to check his order before giving the courier any money; the application disclaims its responsibility in case this is not happened.

Regarding the packages service, it’s not allowed to share any money or dealing with informal entities like persons, the courier also has the right to be aware with the packages’ components.

In case not being restricted to these terms and conditions the application has the right to inform and send your data to the competent authorities and the legal affairs so they can start their investigation.

In Case Shgardi App will compensate, The Customer/Courier will be compensated by the damage’s fees only, keep in mind that the maximum amount of compensation is 200 S.R. in a period not exceeds a month.

Intellectual Property Rights

All the intellectual property rights of these services and all materials, images, and videos contained in the application or on the website or in the private social networking accounts are fully owned by Shgardi app, and no person is entitled to reuse, publish or replicate these materials without referring to the administration of Shgardi app for approval.

Application usage Fee

The value of delivery services in the application depends on the distance between the store and the client's location, and the application has the right to change the delivery value at any time without reference to the users of the application.

Payment method for delivery and items

The agent shall pay the full value of the item or order from the store in cash, then delivers it to the client. When the item is delivered to the client, he receives the value of the item in cash, in addition to the delivery value.

The client shall not be entitled to refuse to receive the item and not to pay its value. In the event that this happens, the application of Shgardi may legally demand the client to pay the value of the item that he has made the agent purchase, and the application of Shgardi is entitled to suspend client’s membership.

Commission on the agents

In the current period, Shgardi app deducts a percentage of the value of the delivery from the agents. The application may later increase a percentage of the value of the delivery on the agent without referring to him for approval. Those who refuse or being late to pay the commission of the delivery, the administration of the Shgardi app is entitled to suspend or entirely delete their membership.

Shgardi app Rights

By using the Shgardi app, this means that you agree not to harm the managers and clients of the Shgardi app and to discharge them from any demands, costs, responsibilities, and fees.

Intellectual property rights

All materials in the Shgardi app are entirely owned by the Shgardi app and include any content that Shgardi inserts and the full content uploaded to the Shgardi app. No one is allowed to use or reproduce the content in the application for any other purposes.

Shgardi Legal responsibility

Information provided by Shgardi app through the application, website or social media accounts does not represent any advice and does not entail any responsibility for the Shgardi app in the event that the information is false or negative results have been reached based on this information.

Shgardi app shall ensure to update the application and its contents, but it does not guarantee that it is completely free from errors, flaws, and viruses and does not completely guarantee the authenticity of updating the application.

Shgardi app does not hold responsibility for any damage resulting from the use of the application, including damage caused by harmful programs or viruses.

The quality of the service provided to you is the responsibility of the service provider "the agent" and the application of Shgardi is exempt from liability in respect of this.

Shgardi app assumes no legal responsibility for the services provided by the agents in the Shgardi app.

Shgardi app assumes no responsibility for any negligence or omission on the part of the service providers "agents" in the Shgardi app.

In the event that any agent commits an error, the full responsibility is borne by the service provider and the application of SHGARDI is completely exempted from liability.

Modification/Deletion of Services

Shgardi app has the right to change or delete its services in the application, without reference to the customer or the agents.

Shgardi limitation of liability for services provided

Shgardi app does not offer any guarantees regarding the services provided by the agents registered in the Shgardi app. In the event that there is an error in the provision of the service or failure resulting in incidental or consequential damages, the Shgardi app assumes no legal liability for that.

The duration of the contract:

The contract between you and the Shgardi app is continuous and not limited to a certain duration, throughout the period of your use of the application and its installation on your phone.

The client or the agent may terminate the contract between him and the Shgardi app by removing the application installed on his/her phone.

The Shgardi app has the right to terminate the contract with the client or the agent, by disabling his/her services and account, without a specific reason and is not obligated to justify it.

Modification of the conditions for use

Shgardi app reserves the right, at any time and at its sole discretion, to modify or replace any of the User's terms herein, change/suspend or stop the service or the application.

Shgardi app has the right to place certain limitations on the users of the application, clients or agents, without reference to them or the need to take their consent

The applicable law and resolving disputes:

The use of the Application shall be subject to the terms and conditions herein and shall apply the regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to settle any dispute, claim or disagreement that may arise and are explained according to them.

Shgardi app disclaims its responsibility in case not being restricted to App’s Terms and conditions